Aluminium Flange



8" ASA300 Spool, CNC machined from one solid piece


flanged, adaptor, spool, peice, reducer, aluminium, coupling, fitting, fuel, oil

12" to 6" and 4" Concentric Reducer CNC milled from a solid block of Aluminium 5083, hard anodized


During 2015, W.E. Couplings Ltd has researched and developed a new line of couplings in hard anodized aluminium. This modern material, once it has been subjected to the anodizing process, not only retains the structural strength of it's steel equivalent, but also offers a huge (around 65%) reduction in weight. Coupled with the sought after non-sparking characteristic of this material, it also performs better than steel under extremes of temperature, from a cryogenic -195°C up to 350°C, thanks to the second phase hardening process. Another important benefit of using hard anodized alloy is it's corrosion resistance - this material is proven to be effective at resisting corrosion when handling the majority of hydrocarbon type medias, e.g. fuel & oil.


flanged hose tail steel aluminium coupling swaged flange fittings

6" Flanged hose tails in Carbon, Stainless Steel and hard anodized alloy


12" Swaged end styles


18" Aluminium hard anodised compact WESwivel 'style 40'


18" Short Radius elbow flanged with ASA150 flanges


18" elbows flanged ASA150


28" Nzzle Flange, Proof nest


24" 40mm thick aluminium flange - ASA150 nest


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